Places Plus is an organisation that works to make public spaces more convenient and enjoyable to use, and so encourage people to use them more often. It does so by providing a variety of advisory, management and coordination services to those who want to cooperate in order to uplift a common area.

Evaluation, user experience and analysis

How is a space working well, and where is not? At the beginning of a project Places Plus can evaluate your space and how it connects to its surroundings. Through understanding how the space is used and why it is used in that way by speaking to users, property owners and local government stakeholders, we can create an informed assessment and so help inform future decisions.

Stakeholder engagement and visioning

Informed by local and global placemaking methodology we conduct engagement exercises for all types of community, public, and private stakeholders. We work with you to ensure a meaningful process, which can include interviews with key stakeholders, workshops, and placemaking games.


Public spaces should be interesting, fun, vibrant, and safe – and the success of these spaces is seen when these spaces attract activities, events, recreational uses and social gatherings in a manner that reflects real life – sometimes regular, planned activites and many other times spontaneous temporary ones. Places Plus can work with your team do develop a customized plan for year-round programming for a space

Plans and designs

Because places are for people, the users and programmes should be the priority in any project. And so, flowing from the stakeholder engagement and visioning process, and resulting program plan, Places Plus can prepare concepts for public space that that include the level of detail required – from conceptual detail on the positioning of amenities (such as lighting, seating, or food kiosks), to landscape architecture, urban design, how the space links to the surrounding community.

Design and oversight

Alongside your team and local built environment professionals, we can ensure that the design of a space supports the activities that will take place there. Working with select architects and landscape architects we can prepare detailed designs and collaborate with local teams and professionals.

Municipal permits and approvals

Prompt and effective dialogue with municipal officials is key to ensuring your project finishes on time and on budget. Through our understanding of how municipalities are structured and relationships built up during years of interaction, Places Plus is an expert partner when it comes to gaining the relevant municipal permits and approvals.

Design, establish and coordinate Friends groups

Effectively harnessing the power of volunteers pulling in the same direction is a valuable addition to any project. Area-based partnerships, Friends groups, community organisations can work to great effect in all types of locations. Places Plus learns by doing. With extensive experience of designing, establishing, and coordinating Friends groups in a variety of contexts, we harness like-minded partners to achieve joint goals.

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“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”

― C.S. Lewis