Our vision

Places Plus is a team of committed, experienced and trained individuals, all passionate about turning shared places around for the benefit of those who use them. Our approach is to understand the needs of the communities, the potential of shared space used by them, and how this need and potential can meet to ensure that through working together the place is caught up in a virtuous cycle of improvement.

Through offering the highest level of service to the design, facilitation, coordination and operation of shared spaces, we avail our clients – who come from the property development, local government, community management and resource development sectors throughout South Africa – experience and knowledge. Through formal and informal forums that operate our tried and tested method of negotiating, lobbying and aligning parties into a spirit of working coopetition, we are able to reach resolution and mutual enjoyment of the benefits and convenience of living, working, stewarding and playing in the urban environments we love.

Headquartered in Cape Town our collaborative work ethic and demonstrable track record of success keeps us talking and learning with our local and global friends and partners to the benefit of every one of our clients.

Our mission

Alan Cameron in Cape Town, South Africa

Because vibrant public and shared spaces strengthen communities, Places Plus proactively facilitates and builds trust, relationship, joy and opportunity for neighbourhoods and precincts.

Committed to resilient and long-term cooperation, Places Plus, takes on the hard yards of germinating partnerships that mature into lasting, synergistic client relationships and building the sort of virtuous cycles of evaluation and action with them that provide opportunities to learn by doing and so make meaningful, incremental and an ongoing impact.

At Places Plus we will invest in team members who are committed to help us design, facilitate and operate public spaces that people want and care about, provide value to stakeholders and the broader community and continue to grow.

Partnering with our clients, Places Plus works to:

  • Form robust area based partnerships dedicated to creating, turning around, and operating public spaces
  • Negotiate park management agreements and leases with local and municipal authorities
  • Create public space operating plans with self-sustaining revenue and expense budgets
  • Design park programming events and activities to keep the space busy throughout the year
  • Conduct public participation sessions and assists in guiding public space design and renovation plans for new and historic sites
  • Implement operating and programming plans (this includes the hiring and training of staff, project managing programming plans, generating sponsorships and unlocking other revenue sources)
  • Operates parks and public spaces on a short or long-term basis

Alan Cameron is a Green Building Council South Africa Sustainable Precincts Accredited Professional, an EcoDistricts Accredited Professional and holds an MPhil in Urban Infrastructure: Design and Management from the University of Cape Town. 

“Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.”

― Jane Jacobs.


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