Places Plus is a placemaking consulting firm that creates, redevelops, and operates parks, public spaces, and neighbourhood streetscapes.

On most projects we partner with real estate developers, government agencies, and non-profit organisations to reinvigorate neighbourhoods and create clean, safe, and busy places that create value and stimulate economic development.

Experience in public space

  • Understand better how Places Plus can bring pride back to your neighbourhood, park or property.



We enable people to take ownership of public spaces so that everyone can use and enjoy them. We do this by working alongside all concerned parties and often design, facilitate and operate a local area-based partnership as a result.  Our

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Placemaking projects

  • Places Plus works to make places that are fun, safe, vibrant and enjoyable.



I've known Alan for years and come to know him as someone I trust. I have enjoyed collaborating with him on several projects as we share a passion for making spaces work harder for the people who enjoy them. Alan is prompt, efficient, and offers a professional service of the highest standard.

Mark Saint Pol Director, Square One Landscape Architects